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Apr 10, 2019
Affiliate disclosure

Monito's very purpose is to help people save money when carrying out international money transfers.

Just like our 2 million users that used our services, let your audience benefit from our transparent and independent information in order to stop wasting money on international money transfer fees.

By joining Monito's network of partners, you will offer valuable information to your audience while getting more exposure, and even monetize your traffic depending on the type of partnership we set-up together.

Let's partner up!

Monito aims at creating an ecosystem of partners that helps people going beyond borders. We have already partnered up with different institutions: blogs, companies, associations, institutional networks and press houses.

We put in place win-win situations, with the desire to create long-lasting business relationships with partners who can help us democratize international money transfers.

If you think your audience or community could be benefiting from Monito's comparison website, we would love to discuss how we could collaborate, from guest-blogging opportunities to affiliate agreements, get in touch!

Our added value to your audience

When people send money abroad, by a bank or a money transfer provider, they both often charge fees and give an exchange rate that is worse than the current mid-market exchange rate (also called the interbank rate). The margin on the exchange rate and the fees depends on the currencies and amount of the transfer. In short: it’s complicated.

That's where Monito comes in. We compare all the providers available for a transfer in real-time and has helps 2 million people so far.

How we can work together

We are deploying different kind of partnerships, from guest-blogging to affiliate agreements

Mutual exposure

You promote Monito's comparison website to your audience and in exchange we promote your services to Monito's users. This win-win partnerships are ideal if your organisation target a relevant audience for Monito (international migrants, expats, international students, PVTs, etc.).

Those partnerships are not monetized. It relies on free services from the both of us.

Advertising (monetized)

We pay you to present our services to your audience, usually via sponsored content, social media posts or featured widgets. This kind of partnerships is ideal for press groups, large blogs, influencers, small companies, etc.

Affiliation (monetized)

For larger performance-based partnerships, we set-up revenue-sharing agreements. You promote Monito's service to your audience and get paid for every users that you helped find a new money transfer provider. This partnership deals are ideal for large audience key actors that wish to bring a value-added service to their customers/audience.

We help our affiliates in promoting Monito's services and ensure a good ROI.

Get in touch
  • Write a post about Monito on your blog or website

  • Add a custom comparison widget on your website

  • Share Monito's services with your followers on social media

  • Speak about Monito our promote our brand at your events

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Why you should join Monito's network of partners

Worldwide audience

International money transfers can touch everyone. In 2017, more than 57 millions moved out to a new country. Monito has a global audience. By partnering up we go transcend frontiers together in order to help people settle down without worrying too much.

Mutual trust

Monito's first value is being transparent. Each partnership we create is a win-win situation. We make sure that both parties are complementaries and can bring an added-value to you and ourselves.

Common goal

Our partners share a single vision: helping expatriates settle in a new country without too much to worry about. If your institution (no matter the kind) goes in this direction, then we are definitely a match.

If you share those three values, do not hesitate a single more second and let's partner up!

Our partners

ESTRI School for international careers of UCLy

ESTRI - School for international careers of UCLy - is a French institution that prepares people driven by a passion for foreign languages to enter the professional world and make it an asset. ESTRI offers a wide range of skills. From translation, international communication, cross-cultural management to marketing and event, students are opened to international careers. 

During their 5 years of university education, ESTRI sends its students to go abroad. The school has partnered with a large international network of companies, Universities and other institutions that can help students shape their skills to the needs of the labor market.

ESTRI - School for international careers of UCLy -

Global Health - Foyer Group

Foyer Global Health provides international health insurance plans for expats and globally mobile people.

Global coverage

  • Our health plans keep you protected in your new country, during your back home visits and for your travels around the world. 
  • You can be covered for the long-term and permanently (no maximum duration)

Expat assistance: 

  • 24/7 immediate assistance whenever you need it, multi-lingual support
  • Support to find a renown practitioner in your new country
  • Online and phone consultations with medical experts available around the clock
  • Doctors of your choice 
  • Medical support and advice before the expatriation (vaccinations, putting together a first aid kit)

Why Trust Monito?

You’re probably all too familiar with the often outrageous cost of sending money abroad. After facing this frustration themselves back in 2013, co-founders François, Laurent, and Pascal launched a real-time comparison engine to compare the best money transfer services across the globe. Today, Monito’s award-winning comparisons, reviews, and guides are trusted by around 8 million people each year and our recommendations are backed by millions of pricing data points and dozens of expert tests — all allowing you to make the savviest decisions with confidence.

Learn More About Monito
  • Monito is trusted by 15+ million users across the globe.

  • Monito's experts spend hours researching and testing services so that you don't have to.

  • Our recommendations are always unbiased and independent.

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Affiliate Disclosure
Instead of banner ads and paywalls, Monito makes money through affiliate links to the various payment service providers featured on our website. While we work hard to scout the market for the best deals, we're unable to consider every possible product available to you. Our extensive range of trusted affiliate partners enables us to make detailed, unbiased, and solution-driven recommendations for all types of consumer questions and problems. This allows us to match our users with the right providers to suit their needs and, in doing so, match our providers with new customers, creating a win-win for everybody involved. However, while some links on Monito may indeed earn us a commission, this fact never impacts the independence and integrity of our opinions, recommendations, and evaluations.