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Low Water Gardening
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Sustainable gardens are all the rage, but what does it take to actually create one? We get it; even knowing where to start can seem overwhelming.

That’s why we’re breaking it down into bite-sized pieces each week in our new limited-run newsletter, The Low-Water Gardening Guide . We’ll help navigate the process and inspire you to finally take that step towards removing your lawn and swapping in the appropriate plants . We’ll even be sharing new ways to irrigate and collect your rain water… spoiler, it’s not always with a rain barrel!

Sent out to subscribers each Wednesday between now and and April 19, The Low-Water Gardening Guide will cover the ins and outs of designing a water-wise garden and creating your own sustainable sanctuary. In this series, you’ll get one newsletter a week, each packed with expert advice and motivation to make it happen along the way.

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